Do you ever

hear or read words, and you just start crying? You may or may not know why- but that’s irrelevant. What’s incredible is that a combination of words, in a specific order, can convey an idea that impacts you deeply, and sometimes very quickly. Or a combination of notes. Or a pattern of brush strokes. That’s art. Finding ourselves, expressing ourselves, and having others see themselves inside of it as well. Sharing ourselves with one another. We’re all here alone, yet we’re all here together.

Back to back?

Back to back?

I swear.
I just found everything I need.
The sweat in your eyes the blood in your veins are listening to me.
Well I want to wrap it up and swim in it until I drown.
My moral standing is lying down.

I’ve learned what patience is
I’ve rolled with the punches
I’ve taken in what isn’t still
And let go of my will

I’ve seen what isn’t clear
I’ve always stayed sincere
I’ve kissed the face of certainty
And laughed with her carelessly